Bud is a flint boy that lived in a home for kids without parents. Bud also lived with the Amoses then left there house. Bud faced some troubles then found his granddaddy. Bud was   a nice boy.

Todd Amose

Todd was a really mean kid. He got Bud in toruble a lot.

Mrs. Amose

Mrs. Amose was a mean  women who listened to Todd. She yelled at Bud a lot and never listened to him.

Mr. Amose

Mr. Amose was a mean man he locked Bud up in a shed.

Miss Thomas

Miss Thomas was a nice lady who treated Bud nicely. She helped Herman E. Calloway get along with Bud.


Mr. Jimmy was a nice dude in Herman E. Calloway's band. He tried very hard to see if Bud's granddaddy was Herman.

Herman E. Calloway

Herman E. Calloway at first was a mean bitter old man who disliked Bud very, very much. But, then him and Bud found out he was Bud's granddaddy.

Bud's Mother

Bud's mother was a nice lady who died when Bud was six. She is the reason Bud found his granddaddy.


Bugs  is Bud's firend. Bugs was very nice to Bud most of the time.